Friday, November 5, 2010

LSU Game and Homecoming Step Show

Saturday, October 9, 2010

football pictures!!!!

Honduras Friends


Friends at the Game

More Sweet Friends


My Alpha Gam family:)


An attempt at a Family Portrait

Traditional Picture

Katherine came to Auburn!

Sweet Friends came to watch our AU Rhythm performance

Opera in the ATL

Last night Alpha Gam had formal in Atlanta at this place called Opera. We had so much are some pictures from it.


Phil and his date, Courtney

Phil at our first function fun!


My BEST friends!!!

Love them!

Alex and Lauren

Monday, September 6, 2010

AU Rhythm

This past Friday, Auburn had the first pep-rally for the season and AU Rhythm got to perform. I absolutely loved it. It was so great to be dancing again. My sweet friends came to watch me dance, which was so sweet of them to come!

Experiencing the Real Outdoors

In honor of Labor day weekend we decided to take a spontaneous (well sort of spontaneous) trip to our land in Harpersville and go camping. We packed up Sunday afternoon and set up camp and hung out the rest of the night! We cooked hotdogs and smores and just enjoyed fellowship! It was quite an experience. In the middle of the night (3 am) this conversation happened:
Cassie: I think that is an aragatang
Cassie: Yeah I hear they eat humans
[I think she was still asleep at this point, but I was still talking to her]

Cooking big deal

Lauren doing her flip in the hammock trip
we created bunkbeds in hammocks

around the campfire

such outdoorsmen

Setting up camp

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Junior Year are some pictures from Junior Year so far. Sorry I have been so bad at blogging [I'll work on it]
Move In Day....RFL (Roomies for Life)

getting ready for our big debute

Meet Dick and Ed (This is our rush skit...Lauren and I were the host to Alpha Gamstand)

Dick and Ed + MOMS

Dick and Ed + BESTIES

Mallory is finally an Alpha GAM!!!!

Precious Baby Squirrels

Double Sisters

VESTAVIA's newest Alpha Gams:) [Hannah Wilson, Allison Thomas, Lucy Mashburn, Callie Eitzen, and Mallory Wyatt]

Mr. and Mrs. Cowart:)Dave and Phil

Adam dad mom phil

adam dad phildad and the ladies

happy birthday mom!!!

Lillian and DuDaddy on the Tractor

Precious LILLIAN
Oh these are just my best friends at PsycadellicBetsy


Marjorie, Lucy, Lydia, Mallory, Lauren, Lila, and Lauren

LaurenNatalie and Anna (on the field)

My game datesFriends

Look who i foundAnna on the Field
A-N-N-A....we were her biggest fans